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Saturday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

We'll start with the most important first: 


  • Jose Valverde got through his 25-pitch simulated game pain free, will throw another on Sunday, and then go on a rehab stint.  That feels way too long, but I trust our medical staff after reading the BtB injury study from yesterday.  Also, Geoff Geary will not be doing a rehab stint, and I guess that's on the heels of...
  • Alberto Arias was hit in the face with a ball during team warm ups yesterday and is scheduled to have an MRI.
  • After getting blown up, the Rodriguez's, Wandy and Ivan, are making sure that Wandy isn't tipping his curveball. If you tip the best curveball in the league, it's not longer the best.
  • According to the poor man, the Astros not only will finish as cellar dwellers, but not eclipse seventy wins.
  • Joe Posnaski explains, thoroughly, why GM's should be able to trade draft picks.
  • If you like charts, graphs, pitch/fx, and formulating some game theory from the knowledge you get from it, this one's for you.
 I'll give you one more thing to mull over.  Fact: Carlos Lee had a negative WPA last night in spite of his Grand Slam.  Don't believe me? Click here for the chart or see the graph below to piece it together: