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A Graphical Look at Miguel Tejada's Hit Streak

In decline or not Miguel Tejada, is putting together a ridiculous first quarter plus of the 2009 season. Remember making line graphs back in elementary school? I do, and here's proof of what I learned:


Obviously, Miguel probably won't sustain a .900 plus OPS throughout the season, but this is fun to look at nonetheless. What have been the keys to our shortstop's early 2009 success?

  • He's struck out in only 6.6% of his ABs, the lowest % of his career and nearly 5% lower than last season
  • A .365 BABIP helps for sure, but then again, to bat .360, you have to have a ridiculously high BABIP. So luck has been on Miguelito's side for sure
  • GB:FB ratio in 2008: 267:162. GB:FB ratio in 2009: 92:67. More fly balls means more HRs and 2Bs, which helps out in the SLG% department
  • He is walking less than in 2008 (which is really saying something), but is swinging at fewer balls outside the strikezone. His 27.1% O Swing rate is down from his 2008 number of 34.7%. He is making contact on 80% of these non strikes, up from last season. This means less strikeouts, but it doesn't necessarily mean more hits. Overall, his contact rate is at 90%, the highest of his career. 
  • A wOBA of .395 means Miguel has been out-freakin'-standing