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Wednesday Astros, etc. Round Up

Because starting your morning with Astros and other baseball tidbits is a lot better than getting to all those action items you have waiting for you.

  • This one if a few days late, but I found it clearing out my RSS feeds and it's loaded with goodies: managerial rankings and trade fodder surrounding Miggy:
The Astros would entertain a deal for him if they could get a pitching prospect in return. Tejada has made a nice comeback and is hitting very well.

I'm not sure I can actually imagine the Astros front office making this trade because Tejada just keeps adding to his popularity (think 11th inning walk off HR) and Drayton seems too PR focused to let Miggy go.

  • Solomon weighs in on the Astros attendance issues and exemplifies how sarcasm should really be used in sports journalism (in my opinion).
  • Richard Justice tries to use numbers to critique the Astros pitching, so I won't say too much, but....eeeesssh.
  • Coop is finally giving consideration to rethinking the Astros running game, it's just a shame it took until we were thrown out for the cycle to come this realization.
  • This just made my snarky saber-sense tingle.  Lance Berkman, however, short circuits my saber-sense by favoring both the RBI and OBP.
  • I'll file this under things that won't make me lose sleep.