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Felipe Paulino dominates (and so do the Astros bats)

This game featured everything, and by everything I mean everything you want to see in an Astros game.  Let me count the ways:

  1. Felipe Paulino produced an amazing line of: 7IP with 9K, 0BB, 3H (1 HR) using 96 pitches.  That is a phenomenal line: 11.57 K/9, an infinite K:BB, 9.37 K/100 (strike outs per 100 pitches).  We literally could not have asked for more from Paulino who probably just had his national coming out game (tune into the talking heads on the networks to see if that holds true).
  2. Every Astros starter, except Paulino, reached base.
  3. Every Astros starter, except for Paulino and Keppinger), had a hit.
  4. Every Astros starter, except for Paulino, had a run or an RBI.
  5. Kaz Matsui had a HR.  I repeat, Kaz Matsui hit a HR.
  6. Michael Bourn was in 30 second run down that he almost wiggled out of it.
  7. Lance Berkman had a multi-hit game (one of which was a 400ft. LD to Tal's Hill).
  8. Carlos Lee had a multi-hit game.
  9. Michael Bourn had a multi-hit game.
  10. Lance Berkman stole 3rd.
  11. Darin Erstad crushed a pinch hit double.  Inconsequential, but still nice to see.
  12. Paulino, Jeff Fulchino, and Welsey Wright combined to retire the final 17 Tiger's batters.
  13. The Astros secured a series victory and have a possible sweep to go for tomorrow.
  14. The Astros are two games below five hundred now and a scant half game behind the Chicago Cubs.
Nothing went wrong for us it seemed and more importantly it was a tidy two hour and seventeen minute ball game—enjoy your newly freed up Saturday night...I know I will.  

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