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Wednesday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

Which kind of team would you rather root for? A consistent regular season winner, who consistently makes the playoffs but never wins the big one? Or a Florida Marlins esque organization that packs multiple championships close together but is downright terrible in other seasons?  

I would much rather be a fan of a team that wins a lot during the regular season, year after year, and at least gives themselves a chance to win in the playoffs. Knowing what I know, that the playoffs is largely a crap shoot a lot of the time, makes this a little easier decision. Certainly, winning the championship is any team's goal, but is it always the fan's goal? If most fans are being realistic, they should know whether or not their club has a legitimate chance to win the big one. It is almost more rewarding to have your team come out of nowhere to win; to defy expectations. I always get more nervous when the pre season prognosticators have the Astros/Rockets/Packers as being championship contenders. If they do make a deep playoff run, it feels like this was just what they were expected to do. If they fall flat on their faces, they underachieved, a distinction no team wants to deal with.

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