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Wandy Returns to Form in 4-1 Astros Victory

Wandylicious was back this afternoon in full force, pitching the Astros to a game, series and roadtrip winning victory. Killing three birds with one stone, Rodriguez pitched seven effective innings and then turned the game over to the bullpen. In those seven innings, Wandy was nearly untouchable, allowing only two hits while striking out eight. His only scoreboard blemish was a second inning home run by Michael Cuddyer.

Offensively, youth led the way for the second consecutive day, as Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn combined for five hits. The Astros got off early against Twins starter Glen Perkins, scoring three runs  in the first inning and never looking back.

A 5-4 road trip is a solid performance- one that kept the Astros at least in the conversation when it comes to NL Central contenders.