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Sunday Astros News and Links

For those of you who are into competition, or if you were the most excited kid in class when discussing the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, then this announcement is right up your alley: SBN now has their own blog devoted to player signings, trade rumors and insider information- MLB Daily Dish. Previously there was one main clearinghouse for all things insider-y/traderumor-y. It's yet to be seen whether or not the new kid on the block can hold their own against that other website, but I for one hope these two push each other into delivering even better content.

Geoffy Geary has been activated from the DL, but we outrighted him to AAA.

This was linked by AstrosAndy linked this yesterday, but it deserves the light of the front page, this quote is what's exciting, but there's a lot more to look at in the article as well (like Chia Jen Lo heading to AA):

"It’s more this year than it has been the last couple years, but that’s been a part of our thought process in terms of moving players through our system and getting them to the big leagues at a younger age," Bennett said. "We want to challenge them a lot sooner and a lot faster, and see what they can do, and if they can’t we’ll look at sending them down a level."

We use WAR a lot at this blog, and this is the best written explanation of it I've ever come across.

I don't know how many of y'all have a subscription to ESPN: The Magazine, but in the June 29th issue, the Mag will tail Hunter Pence for a couple weeks and chronicle his day to day activities. So look for that in your mailbox, or head to your local newstand and pick up a copy. Sidenote: Do traditional newstands really exist anymore, outside of movies sets in New York City?

FanGraphs checks in on the Sophomores of the NL Central.

Somewhere, the creators of FJM have to be scratching their heads over this one.

Speaking of that most hallowed of blogs, former contributor to Fire Joe Morgan, Ken Tremendous, has his own Twitter page. Funny stuff. You know what else is funny? Hookers, Roger Clemens and Joe Morgan himself.

Is there anything Google can't do?

This may be the coolest blog around, not named The Crawfish Boxes. I found this particular infograph to be particularly awesome. The Juice Box is pretty easily recognizable.

The NFL may be a copy cat league, but is MLB following suit? Dontrelle- just because it worked for Zack Grienke, doesn't mean it'll work for you.