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Saturday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

Slow day because I can't make myself stay up late enough for publications to distribute their content:

  • Richard Justice is not happy about the $100 million man lollygagging his way to first base in Wednesday's game, but he's even more unhappy about other things:
  • There are worse things than Carlos Lee not running hard to first base. For instance, there's the owner, general manager and manager ignoring Carlos Lee not running hard to first base. (emphasis added)
    I have to give it to Justice on this. I kept waiting for someone to say something about it because I know was doing a lot of screaming at my television and I'm not footing the bill for Carlos Lee's massive contract, but it never happened. I don't get it. He has a weight clause in his contract, which if we remember the McDonald's Spring Training picture, clearly doesn't bother him, he's not hustling anywhere in the game, so why is the front office not up in arms about any of this? Or at least the manager himself? Shouldn't always running down the line come standard on a $18.5 million a year package?  It's a pretty simple fix, it should go something like this:

    Bull Durham's "Into the Shower" scene (via treborcram)

  • JJO has several interesting notes for us: including that we should be scanning the horizon for a Jiovanni Mier signing, look for another signing announcement today, but not about Mier, and the Felipe Paulino is feeling better.
  • The Astros come in 27th in this week's BtB Power Rankings.
  • Also over at BtB, RJ wants us to stop using CERA.  My real question is, though, who does? I never see it anywhere.
  • Do you think this is loosely about saber-geeks?

That's it.  Enjoy you Saturday...hopefully the Astros will help us in that regard.