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Miggy walks off and the Astros make up for missed chances

I got to listen to most of this on the radio and then see the last five or so innings on TV, in between fighting my mom who was watching a season finale.  I let out quite a few expletives.  Here are my take aways from the game:


  • Paulino was dazzling: 6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 7 K, 1 BB, 87 pitches (55 strikes).  That's a stellar 7 K:BB ratio and an even more superlative 8.05 K/100.  It's a shame he won't get the token win because of our offensive struggles.
  • Miggy was 4/6, with a walk off home run—nuff said.
  • Bourn was 2/4 with 1 BB.  I just heard Art Howe laud him for manufacturing that run in the 9th, but as I said at the time in the game thread: Luck.  Not that I won't take it, but I don't want that outlier event to influence managerial tactics.
  • Lance had two hits and a walk...perhaps the five hole really agrees with him.
  • Matt Kata had some stellar, stellar defense saves, just not that possible walk off in the bottom of the ninth.

The red bars are where the expletives were let lose.

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