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Thursday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

  • The Astros are getting screwed by interleague play and the Unofficial Scorer can prove it.
  • Alyson Footer lets us now just how the Astros commemorated Ivan Rodriguez's record setting night via Twitter, Tweet I and Tweet II.
  • Speaking of records set last night, Omar Vizquel had one too.
  • Richard Justice has a larger soapbox than anyone on this blog and I'm glad he used it responsibly here.
  • Felipe Paulino and Brian Moehler registered on RotoAuthority's "BABIP Anyone?" feature as being abnormal, but not necessary unlucky given the ISO (isolated slugging) they've been allowing.
  • I have managed to forget to link to this for three days now, my apologies.  An interview with 10th rounder, Erik Castro.
  • An awesome account of a strange moment in Astros history.
  • BtB continues to explore DL trends, the Astros still come out looking good, but not Mike Hampton or Kaz Matsui.
  • The Hardball Times probes discrepancies between FIP and LIPS ERA further.
  • Jose Canseco is going to sue MLB and the MLBPA.
  • Shyster Ball checks in twice on the Sosa escapades once on the legal ramifications of Sosa's positive test and once on stricter standards for drug cheats, both interesting and well written.