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Wednesday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up


  • Mike Hampton will hit the DL with a groin strain.  Brandon Backe will get a spot start and this leaves me frustrated.  I get that on a practical level, this makes the most sense, but Backe has been bad, and there's a few minor league pitcher's earning the shot at a look.  Par for the course, though, I suppose.  Oh, Wesley Wright is getting recalled to fill the roster spot even though his 11 IP at AAA have been less than impressive.
  • I originally clicked this link to see what Lance Berkman had to say about Sammy Sosa...and then I discovered this:
  • "Matsui isn’t exactly 100 percent yet, though. "It’s like around 90 percent or something like that," he said."
    Now why would Kaz Matsui be allowed to play baseball games at 90% when he was already dismally below replacement level before he got hurt?
  • In case you've missed it, Ivan Rodriguez is about to do something pretty special.
  • Richard Justice tells why the Rangers are better, in just about every respect, as franchise than we are (besides that whole part about not being owned by a bank, of course).
  • FJM is rolling in it's fictional grave right now with this analysis of A-Fraud, etc.