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Houston Astros Draft Selections, Rounds 4-30

Overall Selection #
Player Position School
4 131 BJ Hyatt RHP  SC Sumter (JC)- SC
5 161 Brandon Wikoff SS Univ. of IL
6 191 Enrique Hernandez SS Amer. Mil. Academy (HS)
7 221 Dallas Keuchel LHP Univ. of Arkansas
8 251 Brandt Walker RHP Stanford
9 281 Ben Orloff SS UC Irvine
10 311 Erik Castro 3B San Diego St.
11 341 David Williams C Crowder College
12 371 Geoffery Thomas RHP Stephenson HS (GA)
13 401 Jake Goebbert OF Northwestern Univ.
14 431 David Berner LHP San Jose St.
15 461 Ryan Humphrey CF St. Louis CC- Meramec
16 491 Ronald Sanchez 1B Manuela Toro (HS)
17 521 Justin Harper RHP OK. City U.
18 551 James McDonald RHP Boston College
19 581 Brian Kemp CF St. Johns
20 611 Julio Martinez RF Nova Southeastern U.
21 641 Barry Butera 2B Boston College
22 671 Mark Jones RHP Mainheim Township HS
23 701 Robert Donovan RHP Stetson Univ.
24 731 Mike Modica LHP George Mason Univ.
25 761 Nicholas Stanley 1B Fla. Sou. College
26 791 Matthew Watson 1B Pompano Beach HS (FL)
27 821 Aaron Bray 3B UNC Charlotte
28 851 Eric Anderson RHP Mountain Vista HS (CO)
29 881 Garen Wright CF Putnam City HS (OK)
30 911 Brandon Petite RHP Vauxhall HS

HLP Update, 1:27 PM CDT: We've made twelve picks so far today. Five pitchers and three shortstops have been taken, which has spelt an early draft trend of left side of the infield players (3B/SS) and pitchers. Ten of the twelve players selected are post high school players.  

HLP Update, 4:41 PM CDT: Day Two is but a memory.

  • In total through 31 picks made, the Astros have selected: 1 Catcher, 3 First Basemen, 1 Second Baseman, 3 Third Basemen, 4 Shortstops, 6 Outfielders, and 13 Pitchers
  • Twelve of the players were drafted out of high school, and nineteen were plucked from either a Junior College or a Four Year University/College
  • Eighth Round pick Brandt Walker (Stanford) hails from Austin and was the only player with Texas ties drafted so far by the Astros
  • Two players drafted were teammates at Boston College: Barry Butera and James McDonald
  • Robert Donovan (RHP) is the second player drafted by the Astros in the past five seasons from Stetson University (Chris Johnson being the other)



 Astros Fourth Round Selection, RHP BJ Hyatt