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Day Two of Draft Begins at 11 AM CDT; Astros Have 27 Picks

 After an intriguing Day One of the Draft, the Astros managed to add a promising young shortstop to an organization definitely in need of such a talent. Asst. GM Bobby Heck seemed to prize athleticism, by way of two sport high school athletes, another area where the Astros as a whole struggle. While the sexy names are gone, the players selected on this day and tomorrow are going to be the ones who will fill out our minor league systems and solidify the big league club.

It's difficult to try to figure out what any given team will do during a draft, or to even determine tendencies. The Astros have such a dearth of viable talent in their minor leagues that I would assume that Bobby Heck will continue to draft the best player available, as well as targeting pitching. In rounds 4-30 last year, the Astros drafted fourteen pitchers out of a total of twenty seven possible selections. Brad Dydalewicz and Christopher Hicks were chosen on Day Two last season, just something to keep in mind. Our Low A affiliate in Lexington has one of the most intriguing groups of young starting pitchers of any team in professional baseball.

Move up a level though, and you find a High A Lancaster team that is among the worst in the minors. If these are the players that will make up the big league club in anywhere from three to four years, the Astros are in trouble. We knew that coming in though, and that time period, three to four years, is how far behind the Astros organization is in terms of drafting and player development. The task is tough one to ask of Bobby Heck. Names like Berkman, Oswalt, Lee, and Tejada will most likely not be here in 2013. More than that even, the many arms that make up the bullpen as well as our bench players of today will be long gone. The time is now that Heck, Wade and Co. must stop this recent trend of poor drafting, and the resultant lack of young talent. Infusing youth into a big league club is what has fueled good baseball teams since the sport has been played. This is a five year plan the Astros are currently involved in. Year One is looking more and more like a success, with players like Jason Castro showing signs of becoming special players. Year Two is just beginning, and today is an important part.

With the fourth round beginning as I type, the Astros have the twentieth selection in each round until the draft is over. Our first selection today is #131 overall, with the next taking place at #161, #191, etc.


 Astros Asst. GM, Bobby Heck