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Crawfish Boxes Fantasy League Update: National League

After seven weeks of the major league season it's a good time to take a look at The Crawfish Boxes Fantasy Leagues. If you're new around these parts, there are two leagues consisting of ten managers each. Stephen (DQ) and I are the commissioners of each league. It's your typical roto league scoring format (5x5) with all the traditional stats. In order to make the competition a little more interesting, we decided to make the leagues a head to head format, one being an NL only league and the other an AL only. The last week of the season the champion of each league will play in a Crawish Boxes World Series, with Stephen and I doing hand scoring to determine an overall champion.

Here are the standings through seven weeks in the NL Only league:

Rank Team W-L Pct GB
1. Suicide Squeeze 41-21-8 .643
2. Mauers Rheumatologist 38-26-6 .586 4
3. Hangin w/Cecil Cooper 39-29-2 .571 5
4. Felvis 34-27-9 .550 6.5
5. Swamp Donkies 33-31-6 .514 9
6. GrowlingAstroHorde 32-33-5 .493 10.5
7. KennyPowersAllStars 30-34-6 .471 12
8. Tin's Cup 26-39-5 .407 16.5
9. Consistency 25-39-6 .400 17
10. Ashley Schaffer BMW 23-42-5 .364 19.5


Gabezilla's Suicide Squeeze has been the class of the NL at the quarter pole. Adrian Gonzalez, Mike Cameron, Johan Santana have headlined his club. While performers like Michael Bourn, Johnny Cueto and Randy Wolf have been the under the radar role players for this first place team.

Late round draft selections that have paid huge dividends include Hanging w/CecilCooper selecting Todd Helton in the 18th round, Ashley Schaffer BMW's choice of Kosuke Fukudome in the 17th, and Tin's Cup scooping up Jair Jurrjens in the 14th round.

Perhaps most impressive has been the recent stellar play out of my team, the KennyPowersAllStars. Behind stellar starting pitching, the offensive prowess of such luminaries as Nick Johnson and Casey Kotchman, and my steadfast (stubborn) willingness to continue to draft Justin Upton, these lads have propelled my team to seventh place. A 22-9 streak the past three weeks has me thinking that anything is possible these last seventeen weeks.