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Sunday Morning Astros News and Links

Richard Justice is giving the Shania Twain treatment to Russ Ortiz and Mike Hampton. A month ago, would anyone here have taken a combined 4.94 ERA from these two after a handful of starts each?? I sure as anything would have.

Moneyball the movie is taking shape.

A trio of Astros: Jason Smith, Miguel Tejada, and Roy Oswalt make Jason Stark's blog in ways they'd probably rather not.

Speaking of Smith, he's told Cecil Cooper that in a pinch, he could catch for the Astros. The way he's played, he had better be willing to sell peanuts, give Valverde calf massages, and cook for Carlos Lee as well.

Alex Rodriguez allegedly tipped pitches while a member of the Texas Rangers. At this point, if someone wrote that A-Rod was a founding member of Al-Qaeda, I wouldn't be surprised.

Brian Bogusevic has a .369 OBP in 78 ABs for the Express. He also leads the team in walks with 12.

On the pitching side of things, Bud Norris is making a case to be the third Round Rock pitcher (following Paulino and Arias) to get a call up to the big leagues in the early parts of the season.

Down in Corpus Christi, Mitch Einertson, Colin DeLome, Andrew Locke, and Jameson Van Ostrand are putting up legitimately stellar numbers through the beginning of May. In case anyone missed it, Koby Clemens was moved up to AA from Single A Lancaster. Humberto Quintero's injury-reverberations are being felt all the way in California!

It's early, very early, but which division has been the most competitive so far?

As college graduation draws near for many, it's time for fun on university campuses nation-wide. The brains over at MIT are always game for a good prank..or twenty.