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Thursday Morning Astros News and Links

Ya know how Cecil Cooper hasn't always been preceived as being truthful with the Astros? Or how his communication skills aren't always on point? Well this differing style of management should make you smile.

Chris Sampson loves pitching on the outside edge of the plate against both lefties and righties. And what's more- he succeeds way more often than not.

The taint of steroid use broken down by the numbers. Very interesting and original idea.

Speaking of 'roids, here's an article that breaks down the Man Ram suspension. There's a link to the LA Time's thorough analysis as well.

Pitch Counts have changed the game of baseball a great deal in the past generation.

Nolan Ryan weighs in on that subject, and what it means for his Rangers.

What do you think the Astros smell like?

You stay classy, Milwaukee Brewers fans. There's nothing sexier than a Midwestern shedding their clothes.

Bellaire High School is the number one ranked high school baseball team in the nation. Got me to have the Astros not drafted any of their players recently?

Maybe this little guy will swim over to the Houston Ship Channel? Either way, this may be the coolest thing I've seen in a while.