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Sunday Morning Astros News and Links

Pitch counts, over usage, and harder thrown pitches in general have caused this statistic to be invented. Wandy is tied for second though!

Who-da-ever-thunk-it? I always thought Google would be like Coke, McDonalds and ESPN- always on top.

A recent mock draft has the Astros selecting Chad James, an Oklahoma high school pitcher. Can't get enough pitching, I guess, but high school pitchers are high risk.

Lance Berkman to the Red Sox? One writer throws his name out there as a trade candidate. Won't happen, if you ask me, or anyone else who knows how Drayton operates. Note that this Sullivan character also thinks Russ Ortiz takes a regular turn in our rotation. Nice of these guys to watch games, eh?

The 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates are going to the White House! For a private tour. That's as close as they'll get to being invited by the President.

Look out for these young baseballers to step up to the major league level at some point this season. Every other team in the NL Central has a player on this list.

Down on the, Drew Locke has been ridiculously hot. Keep it up, please?

Ok. So I looked up a couple articles that detail the success rates of various types of players that are drafted. Maybe a high school pitcher wouldn't be so bad after all.