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Astros late rally not enough against the Cubs

After a highly improbable ninth inning rally, the LaTroy Hawkins couldn't hold the Cubs as the Astros fell 5-4.  Roy Oswalt went a respectable 6 IP, with 7K, and 3ER.  Today's game would have been a sweet one to steal late, and the loss sets us back to three games below five hundred—c'est la vie.

All in all though, I just pleased that Roy had a solid outing, that Lance continues to hit again, and that Michael Bourn continues to get on base.  In my head it seems like things are beginning to coalesce for some kind of successful run that makes us turn some heads, but that's just in my head.

Even if the Astros fell short today, everyone can still multi-task tomorrow and tune into The Dream Shake tomorrow and get their Clutch City on as the Rockets try to take game seven, while hoping the Astros can pry a game away from Rich Harden.

Full Box Score and reaction from Cubs fans can be found here.