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Astros offense gift wraps a present to their mothers against the Padres

I didn't get to catch today's action against the Padres because I took my mother and my grandmother to the Express game today, but I was more than pleased to check my phone every few innings and see an offensive explosion.  My dad and I joked that they scored all their runs for the week today, but perhaps we'll ride a hot hand for a few more games.

Whatever the rest of the week brings, we can at least be satisfied with the first sweep of the year.  Moreover, I want to apologize for our spotty coverage over the last few days.  It's been a whirlwind of life outside of baseball for HLP and I.  I graduated from college yesterday and HLP is in the process of moving back to Houston after wrapping up year number two of law school.  With life distractions out of the way for now, we should be back to SOP, so thank you for bearing with us over the last few days.

Happy Mother's Day to the mom's in the audience!!



I'll take a Win Expectancy graph like this any day.  Box Score and recaps here.  I'm going to take a well deserved nap and then hope against hope for a Rockets victory.