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Off Day Discussion: How do you score a baseball game?

I ask this because scoring a game at the park is one of my favorite things to do at a baseball game.  It forces you to pay exacting attention to everything that's happening and allows you to perfectly recall every event of the game.  Further, there's no set way.  Everyone has their own intricacies.  It's kind of an art form.

Also, Esquire says it's one of the "75 Things Every Men Should Be Able to Do."

To start the discussion, here are some of the finer points to my method (to preface, I just grab the score card available at the park, nothing fancy):


  • Keeping track of the count is essential.  I like to try and keep track of all the foul balls with small tick marks next to the count too.
  • I try to label all the hits as GB, LD, FB, a try and label, with a dot, where it was hit too.
  • I note anytime a stupid hit and run was called for that resulted in the out.
  • I try to note when ever a sac-bunt moves the runner over.
  • More generally, I try and account for every base that is achieved by adding what it was that advanced that runner over at each base in his square.
Off the top of my head, that's about the only things I can think of that I try to add to my scoring experience.  I'm sure that we'll probably have some interesting nuances to our madness...or maybe no one likes to score a game.