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McTaggert's tidbits about the farm system

The Chronicle's McTaggert has a few tidbits about the Astros' farm system in today's column.   He sets out the Class A Lexington rotation, which has the brightest of the Astros' young arms:

The starting pitching rotation at Class A Lexington is tentatively set, and it's a doozy: Jordan Lyles, Ross Seaton, Kyle Greenwalt, Robert Bono and Brad Dydalewicz. This has the potential to be one of the best young rotations the Astros have had together in the minors in years.

That is an exciting rotation to follow this season.

The Lancaster high A roster includes some 08 draft choices too (in addition to Jason Castro) :

The tentative Lancaster roster also includes these 2008 draft picks: righthander Chris Hicks, lefthander David Duncan, lefthander Shane Wolf, shortstop Chris Jackson, outfielder Jack Shuck and outiflelder Jonathan Gaston. Outfielder Joseph Austin will start in Lexington.

Lefthander Jarred Holloway, a 10th-round pick last year, had season-ending elbow surgery last week.

I don't know a lot about those Lancaster players out of the 08 draft.  Maybe farmstros or someone else can tell us something.

McTaggert talks about the catcher alignment:

The Astros are thrilled with their depth at catcher in the minors, and here's where they will likely begin the season: Lou Santangelo has passed J.R. Towles on the depth chart, but both will be at Round Rock to start the year. Lou Palmisano and Brian Esposito will split time in Corpus Christi, with Esposito getting a majority of the playing time while Palmisano recovers from an injury. Jason Castro and Koby Clemens will catch at Lancaster, but Castro will get majority of time.

Santangelo has passed J.R. Towles on the depth chart?  Huh?

By the way, looking at the likely Round Rock roster, it is going to be difficult for all the infielders to get playing time, unless a trade is made or players released: Johnson, Sutton, Maysonet, Saccomanno, Manzella,  and Kata are among the infielders.  Also, John Gall may get playing time at 1st base, as well as the outfield, where Yordany Ramirez, Boguesevic, and Abercrombie are likely to see time.

For what it's worth, after defeating the Astros' ML team in a Corpus Christi exhibition, the Hooks also defeated the Express in Round Rock.  (The AA and AAA teams have another exhibition planned tonight.)  The Hooks' DeLome and Express' Towles had some hitting success.  Trinidad pitched well for the Hooks in a 6-1 game.  The Express' new manager , Marc Bombard, said, "we were dumb hitters."