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Astros Home Opener: Cubs @ Astros 6:05 PM


3 game series vs Cubs @ Minute Maid Park

Tue 04/07 7:05 PM CDT
Wed 04/08 7:05 PM CDT

The moment has arrived.

Roy Oswalt is about square off against perennial Astros killer Carlos Zambrano.

Roy Oswalt

#44 / Pitcher / Houston Astros





Aug 29, 1977

Carlos Zambrano

#38 / Pitcher / Chicago Cubs





Jun 01, 1981

Sure, he no-hit us the last time we faced him, but this guy just looks like he's asking for a shellacking.

Tasked with accomplishing just that:


Chicago Cubs @ Houston Astros

04/06/09 6:05 PM CDT

Chicago Cubs Houston Astros
Alfonso Soriano - LF Kazuo Matsui - 2B
Kosuke Fukudome - CF Ivan Rodriguez - C
Derrek Lee - 1B Lance Berkman - 1B
Milton Bradley - RF Carlos Lee - LF
Aramis Ramirez - 3B Miguel Tejada - SS
Mike Fontenot - 2B Geoff Blum - 3B
Geovany Soto - C Hunter Pence - RF
Ryan Theriot - SS Michael Bourn - CF
Carlos Zambrano - P Roy Oswalt - P

I won't be able to watch tonight's game because of a heinously unfortunate class that was rescheduled, so I envy all of you who will be participating in the game thread. This will be the first game thread that's live on Yahoo!, so please remember to reign in the extraneous f-bombs and the like.

GAH!!! I am so pissed about this class.

Ridiculous prediction for the game:

Michael Bourn hits for the cycle.