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All Time Astros Reserve Team (Offense), 1994-Present

Position Player Seasons Played in Houston AB BA OPS
C Tony Eusebio 1991, 1994-2001 1739 .275 .729
1B Jose Vizcaino 2001-2005 1396 .276 .685
2B/MI Julio Lugo 2000-2003 1320 .268 .723
3B Bill Spiers 1996-2001 1644 .288 .782
SS/MI Tim Bogar 1997-2000 1010 .219 .624
OF Darin Erstad 2008-Present 340 .271 .657
OF Daryle Ward 1998-2002 1083 .269 .781
OF Brian L. Hunter 1994-1996, 2002-2003 1170 .278 .691
Hon. Men. Mike Lamb 2004-2007 1292 .281 .806
Hon. Men. Mark Loretta 2002, 2007-2008 787 .296 .755
Hon. Men. Russ Johnson 1997-2000 274 .266 .702


Some interesting seasons from that crew, to be sure. I tried to get a mix of the 1990s reserves and guys from the Minute Maid Park/Enron Field era.

More than that, Gritty McTenacity (Darin Erstad) heart-ed his way into the mix as well.

Who'd I miss? Or who which of these guys are your favorites?

I can remember when I first really started following the Astros, I was 11. The year was 1997. Ricky Gutierrez and Tim Bogar shared time at shortstop. I knew enough about baseball to tell that Bogar couldn't hit a lick. Of course, to a sixth grader, if one guy (Bogar) was bad, the alternative had to be good (Gutierrez). Well, that wasn't the case as it turns out: .261 BA, and an OPS+ of 81. Hell- Bogar's OPS+ was a stout 89. His batting average was lower (.249), but Ricky wasn't the near All Star I had him pegged as. Also, I'm pretty sure I though Bogar and Adam Everett were in fact the same person for parts of the 2000 season.