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Team Rankings, Week Three: Geoff Blum, Wandy Rodriguez lead the way for Astros

Offensive Statistics:


Ranking BB/K
15th of 30 teams .54


Ranking Last Week: 11th

Astros leader in BB/K: Geoff Blum, 2.33


Ranking OBP
22nd .323


Ranking Last Week: 22nd

Astros leader in OBP: Geoff Blum, .414

Hitter Value (In terms of $)

Ranking Value
16th $6.70


Ranking Last Week: 24th

Astro leader in Value: Hunter Pence, $3.60

Pitching Statistics:


Ranking FIP
16th 4.58


Ranking Last Week: 17th

Astros leader in FIP: Wandy Rodriguez, 2.75

Value in Terms of $

Ranking Relief IP Starters IP Total Staff Value
20th 62.0 99.0 $5.30


Ranking Last Week: 19th

Astros leaders in Value (starting pitcher/relief pitcher): Wandy Rodriguez, $3.60/Chris Sampson, $.60

The Astros are tied with the Yankees for the fourth most innings pitched from their relievers so far in 2009.

Fielding Statistic:


Ranking UZR/150
8th 8.1


Ranking Last Week: 10th

Astros individual leader in UZR/150: Geoff Blum, 35.9 (Kaz Matsui is right behind him at 35.4)

Last in the major leagues in UZR/150....Carlos Lee: -39.4