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Astros avoid a sweep in a Sunday matinee

Things of note during the game:


  • Carlos Lee missed a HR by about three feet.
  • Lance scorched a line-drive that got ruled an error, but finally seemed to make decent contact.
  • Pudge took a straight, happy zone, fastball for a ride to score the go ahead run.
  • Geoff Blum collected a hit on his b-day.
  • Michael Bourn continues to show tremendous improvement at the plate.  I've really been impressed with him thus far.
  • Doug Brocail returned today.  He struggled mightily with his command, but made it through unscathed, mainly because of a fortuitous Braun pop-fly to Berkman.
  • Pudge threw out two runners on the base paths.
  • Carlos Lee was frustratingly pulled out of a close game, late, again.  It really doesn't make sense to pull your one offensive threat out of a game like that.
  • Valverde made things interesting: Walked Weeks, appeared to re-tweak his calf fielding a bunt, feel behind Braun 2-0 but struck him out on three straight strikes, and got Fielder to ground into a 4 unassisted.  His splitter really came through for him, in spite of getting squeezed.
  • Unfortunately, he hobbled around after converting his second save of the year.


Box score and Brew Crew wrap-up here.  Tomorrow: GAB and hopefully a Berkman/Oswalt domination.