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Farmstros Five- Week Two

The Farmstros Five Top Performer for the week of April 15-21, 2009:


Jack Tilghman, RHP, Lexington. Tilghman made four scoreless relief appearances for the Legends.  He picked up a win and struck out six in 7 2/3 innings. This time last year, Tilghman was pitching for Texarkana in an independent league.

The Other Four after the jump

Kyle Greenwalt, RHP, Lexington.  Greenwalt pitched six scoreless innings and allowed three hits in his start.


Robert Bono, RHP, Lexington.  Bono pitched six scoreless innings as well, allowing five hits.


Drew Locke, OF, Corpus Christi. Locke went 9 for 25 with three doubled, one home run and seven RBI.  Locke was picked up from the Dodgers in the minor league phase of last December's Rule 5 draft.


Mark Ori, 1B, Corpus Christi. Ori went 10 for 25 with two doubles and seven RBI.