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Team Rankings, Week Two: Astros improve across the board

Offensive Statistics:


Ranking BB/K
11th out of 30 teams .61


Ranking last week: 20th


Ranking OBP
22nd .318


Ranking last week: 28th

Hitter Value (in terms of $)

Ranking $ Value
24th $2


Ranking last week: 29th

Pitching Statistics:


Ranking FIP
17th 4.64


Ranking last week: 25th

Value (in terms of $)

Ranking $ Value
19th $4.10


Ranking last week: 25th

Fielding Statistic:


An explanation of UZR/150 can be found here.

Ranking UZR/150
10th 3.6


Ranking last week: 22nd in UZR


The Astros have improved in all the above statistical categories, in some instances a dramatic improvement occured. I think we all would have expected that result in our pitching, but our offensive improvements have been tougher to judge, especially in light of some recent frustrating results. Regardless, we should soon see the runs scored per game rise, once the law of averages adjusts.