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Purging in Minor League Camp

While the big league roster was being pared down this week, 20 players were released from minor league camp to make room for the upcoming crop or prospects.

A few players of note who were released:

Tip Fairchild, 25, RHP(drafted in 2005).  Fairchild has not recovered from Tommy John surgery near the beginning of the 2007 season. 

Billy Hart,26, OF(drafted in 2005).  Hart won the Carolina League batting title in 2007. However his age and .260 average at AA last season led to his release.

Eduin Ciriaco, 23, LHP(Dominican, 2005).  Ciriaco had a 2.65 ERA with 47 strikeouts in 37 1/3 innings at Tri-City last summer.  My guess is his age was a factor.

The others released:

Colt Adams, RHP, 23

Corey Bass, RHP, 24

Anthony Bello, LHP, 23

Jeff Eure, 3B, 28

Cat Everett, SS, 23

Jimmy Goethals, C, 26

Pascual Juan, LHP, 24

Michael Koons, RHP, 23

Josh Pressley, 1B, 29

David Qualben, LHP, 23

Jason Romano, OF, 29

Brett Robinson, RHP, 24

Ole Sheldon, 1B, 26

Jason Tyner, OF, 31

Tom Vessella, LHP, 23

Sean Walker, RHP, 26