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Astros pitchers approaching a few milestones

Usually Wednesday is a non-stop day for me, but for some reason (probably because my 10 o'clock was canceled) it wasn't. In my new found free time I got bored and started poking around the Astros site and decided to check in on what milestones some of our players were approaching. There were no hitting milestones, but Roy Oswalt and Jose Valverde are close to some rather significant milestones.

  • Oswalt has 1335 career strikeouts out coming into this season and is 165 K away from amassing 1500 career strike outs. MLB's algorithm doesn't see him reaching this milestone until in 2010. There are only three seasons in Oswalt's career he hasn't hit 165 K, and last year he had exactly 165 K; I'm confused.
  • Jose Valverde has 142 Saves, and needs 183 to tie the recently released Danny Graves and be in the top 50 all time closers (39 saves). He's projected to reach this milestone in late September.