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Sunday Morning Astros Links

Let's take a stroll around the internets, to see what we can see:

It's official: Cecil Cooper's 2010 contract option was picked up. It was said that Coop perhaps managed tenatively at times, and not knowing what his contract status may have influenced his tenativeness in part.

Ok, Felipe. Don't screw this up. Cecil said he was excited about the young players this team has that are going to come up this year and help the big league club. You're the first to get the chance.

Also, in case anyone hasn't noticed, Jason Smith has not played very well so far this season..On the other side of the coin, the guy he was competing against in Spring Training to make the Astros has hit very well down on the farm

Someone out there doesn't like our trading Drew Sutton to the Reds for Jeff Keppinger. Join the club. Also, I appreciate the snarky-ness that many bloggers write with. (I don't really)

Deep down on the farm, Ross Seaton, Jordan Lyles, Brad Dydalewicz, and Jason Castro are performing very well. I hope Brad keeps it up- that's a fun last name to type.

The Indians beat the Yankees 22-4 yesterday. Included in the barrage of runs was a 14 spot they put up in the second inning! Yowza. Also, apparently tough economic times are even hurting the Bronx Bombers. Empty seats in their new digs? Better get Drayton McLane, Jr. on the phone. He'll help King George and his boys try to play it off somehow.

If this is true, all I need is for John Smoltz to hang up his spikes, and my three biggest childhood sports-tormentors will be out of the game. In all seriousness, Tom Glavine by all accounts was a good guy, and a future Hall of Famer. In even more seriousness, I hated his and the Braves guts, and still very much do.

The World Wide Leader just got a little quieter.