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Fox: Astros to announce extension for Cooper

As I watch the Fox Saturday game (Yankees vs. Cleveland), Ken Rosenthal just announced that the Astros have a 5:30 pm press conference scheduled today.

Rosenthal said he has learned that the Astros plan to extend Cecil Cooper's contract through 2010.  Richard Justice of the Chronicle must like the way the Astros seem to be responding to his blog suggestions.  Justice recently criticized the Astros because they hadn't extended Cooper's contract.  Justice also suggested signing Pudge in a blog piece, which later was fulfilled by an Astros' signing.  Jose Ortiz's blog implied that Cooper's actions are affected by the possibility that he could be fired if the team doesn't get off to a good start.  I wonder if Ortiz's article, which also criticized Cooper for using Valverde when he is possibly injured, is also a catalyst?

Is this a good idea?  Oh, I don't know.  I have already said that it makes more sense to evaluate Cooper at the end of this year instead of giving him an extension.  But what do I know?