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Legends Starters: 25 IP, 1.08 ERA

With Kyle Greenwalt's start tonight, the five starters for Lexington(Low A) have  all made one start.  The five games were highlighted by Brad Dydalewicz, who threw five no-hit innings in his start, however, each pitcher recorded five solid innings.


Jordan Lyles- Five innings, five hits, two earned runs, and three Ks

Ross Seaton- Five innings, three hits, one earned run, and two Ks.

Dydalewicz- Five innings, zero hits, zero runs, one K

Robert Bono- Five innings, five hits, zero runs, three Ks

Kyle Greenwalt- Five innings, four hits, one unearned run, two Ks


What's more, the Legends won the first four games of the season for the first time in the franchise's nine year history.