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Looking ahead to June: Could the Astros draft a Boras client?

Maybe it's just because I don't want to write anything about the big league team because they depress me, but some of the buzz about San Diego State's Stephen Strasburg and his relationship with Scott Boras got me thinking about June (tantalizing videos here).  Last year, as we've all already deduced, was pretty good draft for the Astros.  At the very least, it moved out of the very bottom of Farm System Rankings.

One thing that I know has been discussed a little bit over the last few years is our relectuance to go after Boras clients because of...well Boras penchant for getting tons of money for his clients.  I doubt that the Astros will be targeting Strasburg, or than he'll even be on the board by the time the Astros pick 21st overall.  What's interesting though is whether last years willingness to pay over slot might be able to allow us to gain access to Boras clients.

The situation gets even more interesting because we seemed to have had cordial and smooth relations with one of the more vilified men in baseball, Boras, in signing Pudge this spring.  While I've already done my gushing over what Pudge means to the Astros, one of the thing I've never articulated is that Pudge's signing might be a harbinger of dealings to come with Boras.  Given how awful our veteran corps is performing, adding to our roster's average age in March might end up being a good thing.

For pure amusement and speculation, here's a 2009 Mock Draft.