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SBN and TCB want to be your one stop shop for everything Astros

I'm a little late, and totally remiss because I'm late, in addressing this.  Some of you may already be aware of this, but SBN has totally revamped and expanded their coverage of every team and player in MLB.

Here are the highlights and some notes:


  1. For staters, just visit at the Astros team page. You can see all the recent headlines about the Astros from around SBN—yes that means what other teams are saying about us.
  2. Not sure what our next series is? Check out the schedule.
  3. Want to see the roster, no worries.  
  4. Carlos Lee is waaaaaaaayyyy more than 240 lbs.  Also, see what recent stories from around SBN have mentioned fat boy.  This is available for ever player; I just wanted to point out the discrepancy Lee's reported weight. There's also a brief scouting report, history of every DL-stint, and transactions for every player.
  5. Finally, everyone's favorite, our team stats.
Like I said: one stop shop.  A tremendous thanks goes out to everyone at SBN who made this possible.