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Astros Off Day News and Links

Another one of these weird "play Game One of a series, then take a day off, then play the rest of the series" off days has the Astros licking their wounds Tuesday. Luckily for us though, there is quite a bit of news to sift through:

  • Harry Kalas, famed Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster, and voice of NFL Films died yesterday at the age of 73. A member of the original Houston Astros radio crew along with Gene Elston, Kalas worked in Houston from 1965 to 1970. A true legend, indeed. He passed away while at the ballpark. I suppose that's fitting for a man such as Mr. Kalas
  • Just hours after Harry Kalas' death, the sadness around MLB was exacerbated as former pitcher Mark Fidrych was found dead at his Massachusetts home. He was 54. "The Bird" was the 1976 AL Rookie of the Year. A character on and off the field, baseball has lost one of it's genuinely good people
  • Fangraphs lists the top ten prospects of the NL Central clubs. Our top guy is Jason Castro, followed by Drew Sutton and Brian Bogusevic. I like that Sutton is getting some dap nationally
  • Richard Justice has a suggestion for Drayton McLane: Cut out the middle men, and manage the Astros yourself. He seems to be on point for the most part in his takes...I fear the apocolypse as a result
  • Bud Norris' PCL debut was yesterday: 4.1 IP, 0 ER, 4 K, 3 BB, 4 H. I think we're all waiting for him to step up and pitch the way he's capable of. Offensively, JR Towles hit a double in three plate appearances in a 8-4 loss to Omaha
  • On Sunday, Jason Castro and Koby Clemens continued slugging en route to a 7-4 victory for Lancaster
  • Burger King is under fire from multiple fronts. First, Mexicans are upset at the fast food chain for their recent ads for the "Texican" burger. Second, feminists are up in arms over a commercial advertising their Kid's Meal...The day it's inappropriate to air sexually suggestive material aimed at children will be a sad day indeed
  • Unfortunately, I can see Astros fans being sent this card in July.
  • The Nationals have the right idea- let fans bring their own food into the game. With the economy as poor as it is, any inducement to come out to the park is well worth the effort
  • We're not the only team struggling with a veteran starting pitcher. Jeff Suppan isn't exactly thrilling the folks up in Milwaukee
  • A scoreless bottom of the eighth inning of a blowout 15-5 victory for the Tampa Bay Rays was a bit more interesting than one would have thought. New York Yankees first baseman Nick Swisher came in to pitch, and didn't allow a run. He even struck out Gabe "The Babe" Kapler. That's for having a first name that easily lends itself to having the nickname, "The Babe."  Here's what his pitches looked like.