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Astros drop a horrendous game to the Cards

Roy pitched brilliantly, if you exclude one pitch to Pujols, which wasn't even that bad of a pitch.  The Astros were ALL over Wainwright, but in true Astros fashion couldn't by a run.  I really don't know if any other team struggles as much in favorable situations as this team.

We've only scored one run in the last three games on something other than a BB or a HR.  Ridiculous.

I'm blaming this one on the terrible Carver and Buck's negative karma, why these guys get to announce the Cardinals is beyond me.  At least pair it up with a JD or Brownie.  I'm not sure if it was the constant sanctification of Albert Pujols as a god amongst mere mortals or the inanity of their pithy dialogue that got me more.

C'est la vie.

Also, my condolences to Wesley Wright, who was unmercifully thrown to the wolves in the seventh inning.  Please don't let this affect you for the rest of your career.

Tomorrow is another day and another game, hopefully Road Wandy is not taking the mound.

Box score and commentary from the guys who trounced us, here.