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A note about Round Rock's season opener

The early days of minor league seasons require similar caveats to the first week of major league teams....don't get too excited about tiny sample sizes, etc.  But it's hard not to be heartened about some of the results in the Express' season opener.  As you can see from this box score, the Express defeated the AAA cubbies, 10-4.


Some highlights:

--Paulino with five shutout innings.  Too many pitches but reportedly hitting 95.

--Towles is 3 for 4 with a homer and a double.  Maybe all of this talk of falling below Santangelo on the depth chart will get his dander up and cause him to prove his ability with a vengeance.

--Bogusevic is 2 for 3 with a home run.  His home run comes off Cubs' wonder boy pitcher Samardzija,.

--Abercrombie and Saccomano with 3 run home runs.  I still think either guy could help the big club as a pinch hitter.  Gall, another Quad A guy who probably could help the Astros as a pinch hitter, shows his OBP skills with 3 walks, and going 1 for 1, scoring 2 runs.

I don't intend on writing about every Express game, but this is a nice season opener.