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Cooper "raging" over spring training effort

We have seen this reaction from Cooper during the last regular season.  He isn't a happy camper.  Two straight shutouts pitched against the Astros in the spring doesn't make him feel better.

Coop feels like ripping a new "you-know-what" in some of the players.  But he decides to hold a closed door meeting with his coaches instead.  I wonder if he got it off his chest by ripping them instead?  He says the coaches were ordered to convey the proper message about attention to detail to the players.

Here is what Cooper said, according to the's blog by McTaggert:

"It's about how you play, how you go about your business," he said. "If you lose, you lose, and that's OK. It's how you do it. Body language, the effort, those kinds of things. That's what bothers you more than anything else.,,,

"You think the level (of effort) would be up really high because there is some people still fighting for spots," Cooper said. "Contrary to what people think there are spots to be had and your level needs to be at that level. There's no guarantees in this game. There's none. You think you've got a starting spot or backup spot and you cruise through it, there are some people that are hungry here.

"I see some individuals that are hungry, but I see some individuals who are cruising along. It has to pick up. Those are just facts. A lot of people I haven't seen before they you need to impress me in some ways. If you get outs, you have to at least show me you have some get up about you."

Some players are hungry...and some should be hungry but they aren't, apparently.  I guess Cooper should close down the buffet line and make them all hungry.