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Atlanta Braves at Astros Game Thread

Live Boxscore.


Atlanta                                                                         Houston

Escobar, SS                                                               Bourn, CF

Kotchman, 1B                                                            Pudge, C

Jones, 3B                                                                   Erstad, 1B

Anderson, LF                                                             Lee, LF

Francouer, RF                                                            Tejada, SS

Johnson, 2B                                                               Blum, 3B

Ross, C                                                                      Pence, RF

Schafer, CF                                                                Smith, 2B

Lowe, P                                                                       Ortiz, P

  • No Lance tonight...cautious is the word
  • Jordan Schafer is a stud, and with Josh Anderson being traded to the Tigers, the starting job is his