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Baseball Prospectus' take on the Astros Infield

In an article taking note of sub replacement level players starting for big league teams, BPro throw their hat in the "Astros third base situation is scary" ring:

Since 2003...Blum has deteriorated into an inadequate option even off of the bench: he's been under a .300 OBP in five of six seasons, batting .247/.300/.371 in that stretch, covering more than 2,000 plate appearances. The idea that he can be a regular third baseman is ridiculous. The Astros would be better off moving Miguel Tejada over and starting Tommy Manzella's glove at shortstop. That alignment would be a significant defensive upgrade, something a team with the Astros' low-strikeout rotation could use.

While Manzella has been touted for his glove work, his minor league numbers would surely negate much (if not all) of the advantage his glove would give the Astros. After Edwin Maysonet's spring, his defense at this point shouldn't be the deciding factor in not promoting him to the big league club. Manzella is a superior defender, but he'd be a poor man's Adam Everett, and could be much worse.

As Only a Lad noted in the comments, it appears that BPro didn't do sufficient research in at least this portion of their article. Tommy Manzella, as far as I can tell, has never been a real option for the big league team, and was sent down weeks ago.

Later in the article, the Chicago White Sox centerfield conundrum is written about. Jerry Owens is listed as a potential part of a platoon in center, but he has been released. I don't know if the Prospectus article came out before or after his release today, and I may be picking nits, but that's another part of the article that could be construed as failing in the research department. Again, this may just be an Astros fan who is getting upset for the sake of getting upset, and Prospectus has been an invaluable tool for my and others' learning about the game of baseball. However, after the Pedro false trade rumor this is sort of disheartening to see from an organization like Baseball Prospectus.

The article goes on to detail another area where the Astros will struggle- starting pitching:

Come to think of it, we could include that rotation, which includes Mike Hampton, Brian Moehler, and Russ Ortiz, as a segment unto itself within this piece.