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Fun with PECOTA Comparables: Do the Astros cultivate a "ness"?

After my fantasy draft tonight, I started muddling through PECOTA player cards trying to judge which players had ceilings for the upcoming season and which ones had basements.  Per usual, I started looking around "Most Comparable Players" section and then wandered into the Astros roster to repeat the same process.

Then I began to notice something.

A lot of Astros players have other Astros as their comparable players, so does that mean there is an Astro-iness that we cultivate as an organization?

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So I'll just throw out the comparable players and that's about it.  I'll leave what this finding could mean to the comments.  As a methodological note, I limited myself to players the Astros had developed, but not necessarily their comparable player.


  • Roy Oswalt: #2 Comparable - Doug Drabek
  • Lance Berkman: #3 Comparable - Jeff Bagwell
  • Hunter Pence: #1 Comparable - Derek Bell
  • Drew Sutton: #3 Comparable - Brooks Conrad
Ok, so it's not earth shattering, but I think it's interesting that Astros were so comparable to other Astros.

Interesting comparison:
  • Miguel Tejada: #18 Comparable: Ivan Rodriguez