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Sunday Astros Links

Today is the day. Pudge joins his new mates.

Minor League Ball took note of 2008 draft choice Chris Hicks as a sleeper/breakout candidate for this season. There is very, very little to go off of, as far as his professional career, and his college statistics aren't eye-popping either. One aspect of his game that has improved is his control. Just another name to keep your eye on..


Astros prospect, Chris Hicks

Don't worry, folks. The Astros are working on improving their defense. How we went from good to bad so quickly is sort of scary.

A Cubs Blog, Wasting Away in Wrigleyville, compares Astros' fans to Dick Tracy villians. **Scratches head**.

Baseball Musings takes into account Pudge's arrival when determining our best lineup, and the runs it would generate. With him batting eighth, our probable lineup in worth 4.50 runs/game, a .04 improvement over the Humberto Quintero version.

A federal prosecutor has suggested probation for Miguel Tejada, in regard to his lying to Congress. Basically, Miggy isn't a threat to himself or others, appears to have learned his lesson, and won't be repeating his crime.

Brad Ausmus rarely ever met a double play opportunity he couldn't hit into.

A bar in Boston has created the A-Roid Cocktail, served complete with a tomato juice beverage served in a syringe.