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Friday morning link dump

I hope this will develop more throughout the day, but since I can't sleep, I figured I'd give the early birds a few tasty morsels I found in my RSS feeds:

  • Driveline Mechanics breaks down the NL Central by SP WAR, and the Astros aren't last.  Unfortunately they're not good either.  
  • ShysterBall's Oddball All-Stars - An incredible assortment of players, and a few former Astros, grace the list.
  • An interesting look in GIDP by John Walsh with some great historical tables. You'll be pleased to know that Pudge and Ausmus grace the career worst tables.  The piece that preceded it, also fantastic.
  • Wandy feels no pain, yay for good news.
  • Ivan Rodriguez will bring more veteran-reporter handling skills to the club house.  Just read that first quote of is.
  • BtB informs us that Shawn HIll is the sabermetric equivalent of phat.  Are you reading Ed? Because we could us some depth at starter.
  • Oh, and Cecil isn't enjoying his Florida vay-cay too much.
Happy Friday.