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Game Thread: Astros vs. Yankees

The Astros will take the field against the New York Yankees.  On the mound it's Chien-Mein Wang against Mike Hampton.  Hopefully Wang watches himself on the basepaths against us this time.  As a plus, former Astros farm hand Cody Ransom gets the start for the Yankees at SS.  A-Rod's not starting, so hopefully the radio listeners won't have to listen to endless moralizations about him.

Here's our line-up:

  1. Matsui - 2B
  2. Bourn - CF
  3. Berkman - 1B
  4. Lee - LF
  5. Blum - 3B
  6. Pence - DH
  7. Erstad - RF
  8. Kata - SS
  9. Palmisano - C

It's an interesting enough line-up just based on the fact that Kata will play SS.  I'd like to see a Drew Sutton appearance at SS at some point during the game, but I'm excited to see how Palmisano handles legitimate ace pitching from Wang.