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Pedro Martinez to Houston Rumors

****Update*****: The Baseball Prospectus writer who threw out the Pedro rumor last night issued a mea culpa this morning. He said, in part:

I caught wind of the possibility Martinez was going to sign with the Astros early in the evening and it kept getting stronger and stronger the more I checked it out. I felt so strongly that the information was correct that I went with it. As it turned out, the sources I checked it with had also been the recipient of misinformation.

So, it looks like there will just be one future Hall of Famer signed this week.


Baseball Prospectus said he was close to becoming an Astro, last night.

Today, JJO reports that there will be no Pedro.

Hmmm...this day keeps getting weirder.

Said Ed Wade: We have had zero conversations with Pedro. I have absolutely no idea where that [the Martinez rumor] is coming from.

After Wade denied, denied, denied everything about Pudge signing, I still wouldn't be surprised if something was going on.