Heart Condition ends season for Aaron Boone

***HLP Edit***: A sad day for sure, and obviously the most important thing is Aaron Boone's health. He's known about his condition since college, and seems rather calm about it.

On the baseball side of things, what does this mean for the Astros? Does Chris Johnson get a shot? What about Drew Sutton? Blum doesn't seem able to hit lefties anymore, so I think a platoon would still be in order.

What does everyone think?


Wow  - What a shocker!  The important announcement was that Aaron Boone will undergo open heart surgery to repair a "bicuspid aortic valve." I never saw that coming.

If I researched this properly bicuspid aortic valve is a heart defect that around 2 % of the population has (born with) (especially males).  Its symptons take many forms, only some of whch need surgery to correct.  

It is not unusual for athletes to have the problem and it is not unusual for people with this conditin to require surgery in their 30s.  It is a dangerous conditon, exasperated by other medical conditions. 

Aaron Boone will leave the Astros. His career may be over, but that is not a big concern to him now.  

My prayers for Aaron Boone.

An unhappy day.