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New Astros catcher Pudge Rodriguez speaks about his signing with Houston

Interviewed on Baseball Tonight, Ivan Rodriguez was excited to get started with his new team. While his Puerto Rican team has steamrolled their way through the WBC, Pudge has put up great numbers: 6/10 at the plate, with 2 HRs.

Here are a few questions he was asked, and his responses:

Is this a done deal?: Weve been dealing with this all's very close.

Asked if there were other teams interested in him: We had a few offers from other teams, but the Astros were..the most interesting..they need a catcher..they saw me in the Classic and decided to get a deal done.

On how he plays the game: I'm in good shape and I love to play the game hard...thats how i do it in the field.

On the Astros starting pitchers: My main priority to get to know the guys, to catch them.