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Chronicle Reports: Astros close to signing Pudge; it's official 1-year/$1.5 million

**UPDATE** Alyson Footer is reporting that the deal is now pending a physical and Steve Phillips just said that the deal is 1 year/$1.5 million and has it as official. Footer's report indicates that Pudge will take the full time duties with Quintero getting his off days.

I guess we can take this as a sign that Towles will start in AAA and Palmisano is going back to the Brewers.


Ed Wade says he has "re-engaged" Scott Boras recently.   After weeks of saying he has no interest in Rodriguez, he now says that Astros' scouts who have watched I-Rod in the WBC believe he has plenty left in the tank.

Well, that is very interesting news.

**DQ Insert** confirms that Pudge is in serious talks with the Astros.