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KC's signing of Juan Cruz: Are the Astros closer to becoming the worst team in baseball?

This (thankfully) hasn't had to be a topic of conversation amongst Astros fans all the frequently over the past fifteen years, but sadly this season may warrant such a question. CHONE's projected standings and power rankings have the Astros tied for last in the standings and dead last in their power rankings. Ouch babe. Now one of the teams they were tied for last with, Kansas City, goes and signs set-up man Juan Cruz. The Royals may have been better before this signing, but now they add a guy whose K/9 is a Lidgeian 12.37. CHONE sees more of the same kind of production in his future for 2009. Conservatively, this adds another win for the Royals, pushing them ahead of the Astros and Texas Rangers. The great state of Texas is making up the lower rungs of the MLB Totem pole as of right now, and that's almost painful to write.



It may be a race to the bottom of MLB for these two Texas teams this season.