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Astros Farm System Question #5

Especially after the 2007 draft, I am excited about starting to find out the answer to the question: "HOW GOOD IS JASON CASTRO?"

As a child, my parents and I watched numerous minor league baseball games as part of family vacations. One of the best memories about those trips would occur a few years after the fact when we'd see one of the players again in a major league uniform. This event always led to the comment, "We saw him play in Nashville a few years ago, didn't we?" or something along those lines. For example, I saw Kenny Rogers pitching for Burlington at Waterloo, Iowa, Shawon Dunston playing shortstop for Midland in Little Rock. I also saw Jose Canseco playing for the Southern League all-stars against the Houston Astros in Birmingham.  As A minor league fan, there is nothing to compare with the "I saw him when" moment.

I hope we have a chance to have a "I saw him when" moment with Jason Castro in the near future. He started solidly after being drafted in the first round last June out of Stanford. Who knows maybe in 2030, when he is being inducted in  Cooperstown, we'll be able to say "We saw him playing in Lancaster or Corpus Christi back in 2009, didn't we?"